We can offer you:

  • Transport from Bulgaria to other countries in the EU.
  • Transport from countries in the EU to Bulgaria.
  • Transport between countries in the EU different than Bulgaria.
  • Transportation of full loads in Bulgaria and countries in the EU.
  • Transport of group shipments within countries in the EU.
  • Transport of goods requiring temperature regime in countries in the EU.
  • Advice in choosing the most economical transport route.
  • Coordination and control of every stage of the transportation of goods.

We provide:

  • Reliability and security in the entire process of conducting transportation.
  • Full transparency and communication.
  • Individual approach to each customer according to his requirements.
  • Formed entirely on a market basis, the optimum bargain prices.
  • Confidentiality of transactions.
  • Control and accurate documentation
  • Detailed knowledge of the legal framework for transactions in the country and abroad
  • Loyalty and personal commitment